UMBANDA it is the Law Mater which regulates all phenomena of the manifestations and communications between the Spirits of the Astral World to the World of the form. It is the ORIGINAL RELIGION, the very living link revealed by the VERB CREATOR which the Priests and Initiated from ancient Schools, hided in part and taught in part, and they lost themselves after in the tangle of ambitions and persecutions, confusing in branches the few truths which still preserves through several sectors called spiritualists, philosophical and religious.


It is still the SCIENCE MOTHER, in other words, THE GENERATING MAGIC that a lot of people call Theurgy, where originated the other ones, in great advance, in the present times.


So, UMBANDA is a mystical TERM, liturgical, sacred, vibrated, which their origins it is found in that primitive alphabet which the Brahmas themselves did not know the essence (the world is the sound articulated- transcends the sonometry itself) but is in inside of the KABALLA (25) itself (the most occult, the most secret), they gave the name of Aryan, Adamic or Vatan, and must have come from the purest red race, whose writings, in group following certain rules and positions, creates revealing images, similar to the TRULY RISCATED SIGNS, known, symbologically by the name POINTS OF PEMBA.


This term Umbanda, have lost its REAL meaning in the so-called dead languages, since the aforementioned “schisma” of Yrschú, when everything was hidden. In FACT, UMBANDA means “SET OF GOD'S LAWS”.



(25) KA-BA-LA, have the number, the 22, translating KA= 20, BA=2 and LA means: The potency of 22.


Umbanda de Todos Nós, pages 31 and 32, Matta e Silva, 6o. Edition- 1983- Freitas Bastos Library.